Fido’s in charge!

Critical Illness is no shaggy dog story

An imbalance in the UK

It’s a slightly surprising (to me anyway) fact that there are more pet insurance policies than critical illness policies in the UK. In research in 2012 there were 5.9m pet insurance policies in place but only 4.5m critical illness policies. Source Ageas http://annualreview2012.ageas.com/insurance-business/uk/

Don’t let it go to the dogs, however cute it is!

I know a dog is man’s best friend but as much as my dog loves me I don’t think my clients would appreciate a visit from a dog to arrange some critical illness cover even if she tried her best. I’m sure she’d rather know I’ve put some Key Person cover in place so if the worst happens to me someone can run my business for me and I can still pay all the bills and keep her in dog biscuits, treats. toys, shampoo…

As a business protection specialist the only logical thought I have is that a lot of UK business owners are expecting Fido to step in to the breach and run the company should they ever suffer a critical illness such as heart attack, cancer or a stroke, the biggies.

Take action!

If you’d like to review your protection priorities or even look at the critical illness you have in place to make sure your business is looked after then why not get in touch with us for a chat https://businessprotect.biz/contact-2/

The market is constantly changing and products are evolving. Review your cover annually as a year is a long time in business. Don’t let it go to the dogs, however cute it is!

Rock on.

Martin Byrne

Head Honcho at Business Protect

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