Articles by Martin

These articles cover key person, share protection and other vital information about how you can protect yourself and your hard work as a UK business owner. No need to yawn, Martin’s insight is blended with wit and tales of rock ‘n’ roll to make this important information entertaining, while answering your concerns. Rock on.

What our customers say

"They followed the process through all the way and their understanding of providers, risk, appetite and underwriting processes meant that we were able to achieve our goal...peace of mind."

– Ruth Badger | Ruth Badger Consultancy

"Martin can offer tax efficient routes to protect your assets, your business and your family. He is trustworthy and friendly. I would recommend him most highly."

– Graham Davies | Davies McLennon Chartered Accountants, Chartered Tax Advisers

"Martin came to see us and we were happy with the clear and precise way he explained the policies. I would have no hesitation to recommend Martin."

– Neil Roper | Fusion Furniture Solutions

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